Frequently Asked Questions

Pierce Brunson (727) 599-6153


How is your system different from the company we are already using?
Not knowing who you are using I can’t do a true comparison. But I will guess that they aren't delivering unlimited professional images, with unlimited access, sharing and downloading by 8am the next morning. Our company is about making everyone feel important. Beautiful photographs help.  Remember,  your attendees enjoy nice photography and they are going to be looking at these images for 5, 10, 20+ it is better to have a system in place where they can see all the images at once. 


How do you come up with your pricing? 
Actually we are less expensive than any other company when you factor in the product delivered.  Take company (A) they may offer a cheap printed picture package for $12 but rarely are the extras included.  For that same $12 we deliver backdrop photos, photo booth images and candid pics. We offer unlimited downloading and an additional photographer attending the event to capture candid images.  Even if we take the same amount of backdrop images our product still comes out less expensive because of the 125+ additional images you get from our roaming candid photographer.  Also our images are ready to download within 6 hours. No more waiting weeks for a page of prints that have to be delivered by staff long after the event. Finally there is no additional cost to your attendees to download the images they want. At our last prom we captured over 1300+ images. That's a pretty good deal.


Why should our school take a chance on your company?
You shouldn't. You should do your research and then give us a call so that we can set up a meeting.  Taking a chance would imply that you aren't serious about delivering a higher end product for your students. There is no chance when working with us. We get the job done better than any other company in Florida.

Do you bid your services?

No, we talk to you to form a relationship.  If you are looking for a company to blind bid then we aren't the company to do your event.  We have a company policy of meeting with the school staff and students that will be using our photography solution.

I have an event for 700 people what would a package look like if I went with our company? 
Our highest package would include our deejay (with online music requesting, lighting packages are separate), three backdrops for standard portraits and two roaming photographers.  The three backdrops can be converted into open air photo booths within 15 minutes to add more to your event.  Depending on how receptive your students are this package can lead to 1600+ images from the dance.

There is an investment to work with Firefly.  We have found that lowering our price has only caused us to deal with schools that weren’t really interested in forming a relationship with our company. We don’t want to waste your time or ours.

We only have a minimum fee.  Our product is designed for 400 students or more.  We will work with smaller schools but there is a minimum fee of $3000 for candid images only, $4900 for portrait images (includes candid photographer) and $5900 for “open air” photo booths (includes portrait images and candid photographer).

After 500 students, fees average $13.50 for “open air” photo booths and $12.25 for portraits per student.

Smaller schools will get the same great service and a better opportunity to have a more images per student captured.


We like our DJ can we just get the photo packages?
Yes, we add the DJ to help you offset costs. If you don’t need him then we can just provide any high volume photography package.

Do you offer onsite printing?

Due to extreme costs we have eliminated onsite printing for large events.  The time and costs associated with delivering prints in a 4 hour window greatly reduce quality of our service.  For getting the maximum number of images, we suggest allowing all images to be uploaded to the site and let your guests decide if they want to print on their own. This is also helpful to our planet!

How fast is fast delivery?

Contractually it may take us up to 72 hours to deliver all your images online. However our goal is to always have them ready for you and your attendees by 9am the next day. We haven't missed an early deadline and don't plan on it.